1. Conny

    Hi, so I downloaded the little “multi domain iweb” thingy, and being new to iweb and Macs in general, I managed to figure out how to make another two test website (and copied them each to a new folder). Just today I bought hosting and published a new website of mine via iWeb. That means, I have this new website online, and with the multi-domain-thingy was able to test build two tiny webpage which I have now on my harddrive, in a folder (but not published; just want to set myself up for another website I want to build and put online; and found you to have the best information I actually can understand as a totally new user to the Mac….)

    But now I have a problem!
    If I understand you right, when opening the multi-domain thingy I have to find an icon that says “domain.sites2” in order to open a certain webpage in iWeb, right?

    I have three seperate folders, and in the two new ones with the tiny test websites, I do find icons that say “domain.sites2” and I can easily open the newly made webpages.
    But as far as my old, published site goes, I am missing this file/icon now! The button “Open” never activates and doesn’t let me open my old site. Gulp, I am afraid I have lost access to this new site, that’s now online.
    Do you know of a solution?

    Now, after senseless clicking (like a head-less chicken in the dark) this original site actually appeared on iWeb, but I didn’t open it with the multiple domain app (somehow…). You mentioned that iWeb will always open the last site that was closed, so now I am afraid to go to the multiple domain app and try working on the other test sites.
    I have made a tiny change to my original webpage in iWeb (changed the color of a title), so I could push SAVE and hopefully this would recover the “domain.sites2” icon, but to no avail.
    Any idea??
    I hope you can help me out!:-) Conny
    Otherwise I find this multi-domain app great!

    • Your original iWeb domain file may be in the “library folder” that is the place iWeb saves domain files. To get there I found this instructions for you. If it is indeed in this folder you can drag is to your desktop or wherever you find it most convenient to find it. *note if you hold the option key when you drag it to the desktop or another folder it will copy it. You will see a little green circle with a + sign to let you know it is being copied. Hope this information is useful to you.

      iWeb ’09: May be unable to open Domain file in OS X Lion
      Last Modified: September 21, 2011
      Article: TS3871

      Attempting to open an iWeb Domain file by double-clicking it may not work as expected in OS X Lion or later. Instead of the Domain file opening, iWeb may present you with a template chooser to create a new Domain file, or it may open your default Domain file, if one exists.

      Products Affected
      iWeb ’09, OS X Lion
      iWeb should be able to find your Domain file if it is using the file name “Domain” and is stored in its default location in ~/Library/Application Support/iWeb (where “~” represents your home folder). To open this folder:

      Quit iWeb.
      In Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu
      Enter ~/Library/Application Support/iWeb
      Click Go
      A window showing the contents of the iWeb folder will appear.
      Note: If there is a default Domain file, you may want to move it to another location, such as the desktop.

  2. Thank you so much for the app link to fix the problem between Lion and IWeb. I have not been able to access my website from my own computer since I put Lion on it several months ago. Fortunately, I can log into my home page on my husband’s notebook which does not have Lion. However, he is getting ready to upgrade and we want to sell the old computer but could not as long as I can’t get into the web any other way. After numerous calls to apple customer care and a visit to the genius bar at my local mac store, I was still unable to get any help. Once I found your site and downloaded the app, I was immediately on my website. Why doesn’t Apple customer care and their geniuses know about this???? Again, thanks so much!!!

    • I’m not sure why the genius bar was unable to help. I had applied for a position at my local apple store but, never heard anything back from them. And, was just offered a cooking position again.

  3. I’d just like to say thanks to lilnitsch above as I was having a similar problem finding my Domain.Sites2 file. I thought I’d completely ruined my wife’s website until I tried the “Go to folder” line. Thanks!!

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