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  1. JoEllen

    Hello. I really appreciate your site and the help you offer to Mac users. I am about to make some fairly significant decisions and I wonder if I could possibly I ask you a few questions?

    – I work on an iMac computer and I have iWeb. My computer is: version 10.7.4 / Lion.
    – My goal is to develop an at-home business designing, managing, and supporting websites for others. I don’t yet have much understanding of the ‘hosting’ and ‘domains’ – are those things that I’d need to purchase up front from a separate company or are those things I can provide independently to my future clients?
    – We’ve been building a family farm business for the past several years and that is going very well. I would like to develop another source of income that would enable me to work from home and run both businesses simultaneously.
    – I’ve had a fair bit of experience with designing, building, and managing a website. I designed our farm website 2 years ago using Vista Print’s site builder, which is pretty user friendly. Our site has multiple pages, contact forms, links, and Paypal buttons. Vistaprint, however, does not interface well AT ALL with Macintosh and, after 2 years of complex maneuvers to keep our site up-to-date and attractive, I am going to be changing over to another provider like (unless you suggest otherwise) that does interface with Macs. There are several decisions that I’ll need to make at this juncture and I wonder if you can advise me ~ offers several options- website building packages, website hosting packages, and server packages. I am probably at the skill level right now that, to get our business site squared away, I should probably just sign up for a website building package. I’m not sure, however, that that is the best long-term option given my goal to design, build, and manage websites for others. A website building package would cost about $110/year and it would be usable for the re-building of our farm site. In using the website building package, I wouldn’t be learning to use any of the tools that I would later need to know how to use in building sites for others. It would basically just be another user friendly site builder with templates and design options similar to those I’ve already used with Vistaprint. I am wondering if I should purchase a 2 or 3 year hosting package instead that would allow me simultaneously to a.) re-build our business site, b.) learn to use the more complicated site building tools that I’ll eventually need to use, and c.) have the option of building additional sites for the same annual price.

    1.) Given my situation, what path would you suggest I take? Price and user friendly function are important options. (i.e., do I need to work through godaddy or a comparable company or is it possible to host and support sites on my own? I don’t know much about how this works, and your input would be a great help.

    2.) iWeb appears be very simple to use, though the template options are fairly limited and I’d love to have more options. If I used iWeb for design purposes, would I need to pay someone like godaddy for hosting or could I accomplish that independently? Could I use iWeb and and import additional templates and color schemes?

    3.) If I use iWeb now, would I likely find myself having to later switch all of the sites I have built over to something else when iWeb becomes obsolete? I would REALLY like to avoid anything like that.

    I sure appreciate your thoughts on this. I’m sorry I’m not more knowledgeable at this point in time.


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